Managing the battery core

Managing cells as closely as possible.

Our goals

To improve batteries’ autonomy and lifecycle (calendar, cycle)

To reduce stored energy costs

To allow a fast and secured integration to storage applications connected to the network

Provider of real time reconfigurable storage solutions for Grid-connected applications

“3-in-1” architecture (inverter, charger, BMS) with adaptive management of AC/DC tension and current, individual control and awareness of each cell (SOH, SOC, temperature, voltage…), power supply continuity, autonomy improvement, increase of conversion efficiency, applicable to multiple chemistries and 2nd life cells, from few kW to hundreds of kW

Today battery storage systems are usually composed of a battery with several serial/parallel fixed interlinked cells.

In such a system the same current goes through all cells. Once the first cell is fully discharged, the operation is stopped.

Thus the system is limited by the least efficient cell.  

The least efficient cell is the one that endures the strongest discharges which quickens its ageing compared with the others thus reducing the whole performance even faster.

In order to suppress this limitation SwitchESS implements an active balancing and conversion solution, based on the use of low voltage transistors managing each cell of the pack.