Founded in June 2018, SWITCHESS’s goal is to develop, industrialize and market power storage solutions based on the architecture of so-called “switched cells”, mostly for stationary applications.  

Meet us !

Eric Stempin co-founder of SWITCHESS

Has been active in energy storing for over 20 years. He has been implementing his skills and expertise in this field in order to offer reliable and efficient electrochemical storage systems.

Born from a meeting with the CEA TECH

BATCOM Program (switched cells batteries) was launched in 2014 as the result of an encounter with the CEA TECH during its settlement in Aquitaine ; managing each cell as close as possible represents the Grail to reach this reliability target.

An association with EVTRONIC

A company that specializes in electric vehicles’ recharging infrastructure which he launched in September 2007 and has been running since then.

SwitchESS was born in June 2018

With a high-level cross-disciplinary team was mobilised for almost 4 years, helping this technology prove its potential and opening its way to the market.

To improve batteries’ reliability and to scale up services to the network which are required for stationary storage cost-effectiveness.

SWITCHESS has become a market leader in the design and production of switched cells batteries for stationary applications thanks to its initial team made of Engineers and Doctors-Engineers.

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